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DJ Quantize

Owner, Founder, CEO, DJ

DJ Quantize a.k.a. James Barr, born and bred in Sussex, started out in 2004 performing locally at many house parties, pubs and clubs. As he progressed he was able to secure regular slots around the Somerset, Bristol, Southampton and Swindon regions, playing at numerous internet based radio stations, and is now the co-founder at Drum & Bass Network Radio. He was also involved with other various radio stations such as; Emergency FM, Bassport FM, Headrush

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Radio, DNB Radio, London’s Upfront Radio, BNB London Radio, Glastonbury FM and Ujima 98.

His early musical influences include DJ Premier, The Fugees, Cypress Hill, DJ Zinc and DJ Craze. James’ strong interest for music and his passion to succeed led him down the production route, taking on work experience at a professional recording studio in Chichester, where he acquired a taste to start writing his own tracks. Whilst still working voluntary for Airtight Studios and enrolling with Chichester College for Performing Arts, this course included DJing lessons and practice, gaining experience including career development courses called ‘Gateway to Music’ with an open learning plan. During this time DJ Quantizes musical style progressed to incorporate such genres such as Drum & Bass, Hip Hop and Reggae.

James also performed at NASS Festival and has made a number of appearances at ‘The Godney Gathering’ where he received a supporting response from the crowd. He has already had the pleasure of playing alongside many major artists like; DJ Sly, Nicky Blackmarket, Turno and Serial Killaz.

With James’ determination, skill and passion to succeed, I am sure this DJ is going to go the distance….Amen…

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Ill Dynamics

Tech Savvy, DJ, Producer

Ill Dynamics is alias of Ricky van Poppel a Producer & DJ from the Netherlands,

His special relation with Drum & Bass over the last years (especially heavy and rolling Jump Up) is gonna captivate and make you pull bassfaces even you didn’t know you could do.

Next to being an active DJ on Drum & Bass Network Radio (www.dnbnr.com) he’s also producing fresh tracks

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 which you can find on his soundcloud page.

Prepare for funky, freaky and filthy bassheavy chaos!
Drum and Bass, Heavy and Rolling!

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Ich und seine Freunde


E-mail: iusf@web.de

Switzerland Based Ich und seine Freunde started collecting Vinyl when he was 12 Years old and started Djing in 1997. He got in touch with Drum & Bass in 1998 and since then, it is his main Genre. With his very broad Collection of Tracks he is able to offer any sound linked with the wide scale of Drum & Bass.

DFR CAFE SWINDON 21936171_1794764500753926_8814274510347968475_n (1)

DJ Newton


DJ Newton is a versitile full spectrum Drum & Bass DJ from the Southcoast of England he and his friend Intrafaze also produce songs mostly jump up, iinvolved with such events as on a mission, digital fusion records, access & many more you can catch him on a Tuesday eveing half 5 till 7 theres always guests in the the studio with him you never know whos gonna turn up.

10443077_310631179143767_6377355547707745545_o (1)

DJ Madlogik

DJ, Producer

I like goats and I like curry,
sometimes I like curry and goats at the same time,
I make music buy hitting together the skulls of my victims and utilize the elastic bands that are discarded by my postman, waste is a sad thing….

right then to business 😀

I am DjMadlogik…….

I am a DJ and Producer mainly of the Drum and Bass variety with tracks signed to Red Alfa and

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Rancid Records, plus releases on a couple of Charity Albums raising money for Cancer Research because giving back is important.

I started mixing 26 years ago at the age of 15 in a nightclub I was a glass collector in, then started helping friends with the old acid house parties in the illegal rave scene during the 90s.

Started out with house and techno, then into Hardcore which apparently will never die, but kinda did. Discovering Jungle Techno in the 90s and watching it develop to what it is now has been incredible.

After hanging up my Headphones in my mid 20s due to Burning out and personal problems, picked them up again 2 and a half years ago going totally digital and havent looked back since.

Peace and Bass

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DJ Philthy

DJ, Producer

DJ Philthy alias Phil Wiebold is a Newcomer from Goslar,North Germany.

Former Black Metalhead Philthy started DJing in Summer 2014 supported by his Mentor DJ Dash. After a short time he formed his own Style of Agressive Neurofunk, shredding Jump Up DnB and melodic Up Front Elements. After his first Footsteps in the big DnB Jungle, he joined Drum and Bass Network Radio to Blow your Ears off.

Get ready for the Philth from the Harz Mountains.


Erbman Hustlin & DJ Skel

DJ, Producer

E-mail: Private

Hailing from southport, UK. Erbman and Radio Partner Skel have been djing the airwaves for 10+ years with various shows on various stations, but have found their home at DNBNR. Playing the full spectrum of DnB from 7-9 every Tuesday night.



DJ, Producer

French Bass Music Producer & DJ.
Co-Founder of Got Da Kush Crew with J-Stalk

“Quits your Bliss, come into the Krypt”.

Played alongside : TrollPhace, London Nebel, CloZee, Paranoise Collision, S-Cuz, Vincent Black, Nasty J, SMôL, Ranji Dapanji, Gonzi & more…


DJ Device

Co-Owner, DJ

DJ Device started listening to drum and bass music at the tender age of 12, influenced by his older brothers tastes he developed a love for the music listening to fantasia tape packs in primary school, as time went on he brought a pair of turntables at 15 and started to teach himself the basics of mixing and scratching , once he was capable he started to tweak and perfect hes skills , during college years he took music technology where he picked up many skills and started to use them in production at

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home, soon started making my own beats and collaborating with friends.soon started mixing at house partys and local partys then in the following years after started mixing out in clubs in bristol such as Basement 45 and Blue Mountain alongside djs such as GUV , KOVE ,DIMENSIONS JAYLINE , MAJISTRATE, MACKY GEE , BROCKIE , ALPHA




last year DJ DEVICE paired up with DJ BIRD  to form dnb duo SYSTEMATIC DISORDER since teaming up they have played a few festivals and currently doing the circuit around clubs all over somerset and Bristol  , watch out for these two they specialize in a wide range of dnb which really gives a variance to there mixing style.

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DJ Apollo

Got my first jungle tape in 97, I mostly play deep/dark/occasionally liquid rollers. Depends on my state of mind, with me now and then i got my Mc Smokie. beacause he smoke alot of Rimshots,
We live in Denmark/Esbjerg.
Saturday night Baby!!!

The Oppai Knight


“Born in Lisbon, this portuguese dj has developed a great passion and taste for bass music since early 2013. He found his place in the drum and bass scene, digging the freshest beats and the hottest dancefloor crackers. Armed with these tunes and a passion for the genre, he finds himself utterly prepared to caress your ears with the finest bass in the game. Do not fear, The Oppai Knight is here”


DJ KrafT


DJ KrafT started DJing in 1991 getting his first technic 1210s when it wasnt cool to DJ, he got his first chance to DJ at a rave in Ripon in North Yorkshire to 4000 people in 1992, that pushed him along and from that he DJd at all the top nightclubs/Raves in the North, finally in 1996 and after all the hard work paying off, he got a residency at the legendary northern Drum & Bass night ONIT ran by the also legendary promoter of

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blue note in London, he spent the next 3 years playing along side all the great drum & bass DJs, Grooverider, Doc Scott, Pheshay, Ed rush, Randall, to name a few, it was also this time he started producing his own tracks and the next logical progression was getting signed to a record label which he did, in which hes had 6 releases to date and plans many more, you havent heard the last from DJ KrafT……….

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The Music Therapist

DJ, Producer

I started DJing in 2011 when i got my first decks from BM soho which i highly recommend anyone who is a beginner, these decks were the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2. I first got into DnB when i heard Rock it by Sub Focus, and from there on i just decided to mix DnB. I mix every types of DnB ranging from Neurofunk to Liquid and then all the way to Jungle aswell, you will rarely hear me mix Jump Up however i do chuck in the odd one or two

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in my mix. My mixing is all about taking you on a journey through mixed feelings in a fun way, and if you like how i mix i have a soundcloud account where you can find all my mixes, the link to my sound cloud is right here: https://soundcloud.com/the-music-therapist/tracks

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Music has always been an important part of my life, from a very young age it has been a therapy by allowing it to take me on a journey. I’ve enjoyed many genres of music however Drum and bass was always something that saved my sanity! Out of all the sub genres of DnB I have found the melodic vibes and stunning vocals of liquid drum and bass on point with how I use music as a form of therapy. After years of listening to this stunning sub genre I

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could not just simply listen to this music anymore I needed to be involved in it and so my journey began into the world of DJing and mixing. I promote events for PAPYRUS- Prevention of young Suicide; as someone that has been at that point in life many times but liquid DnB has helped me through, and living with lifelong mental illness and showing people the opposite end of the spectrum of Drum and Bass, it has shown me the light. To me Life really Is Liquid!

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i have been mixing drum n bass for just over 20 yrs, i started on a set of gemini pt2000mk3 which were great starter decks, i then bought my first set of technics 1200mk2, since then i have been constantly adding to my collection of equipment and expanding my abilitys, i have always had a real passion for underground drum n bass, which led me to play at underground venues, secret locations and free partys, i now own a 12k soundsystem and put on big drum n bass events click the link below to listen to my mixes

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on mixcloud

for bookings contact me through facebook on these links
or alternatively email me at 07713mrose@gmail.com

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Special Guests

Inspector Frost Old Paint Logo

Inspector Frost

DJ, Producer

Inspector Frost aka Bas de Fost is a Dutch drum ’n bass producer and dj.

He has a profound love for liquid but is not by any means shy to play to play some of the harder sub genres drum ’n bass has to offer.

Being an active member of the Infidel Bassline Squad keeps him busy producing fresh tracks and putting out numerous mixes on different radio stations & podcasts.

Curious about what to expect? Surf over to one of

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his channels on Facebook or Soundcloud and definitely check out his brainfreeze sessions on Mixcloud.com.

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Dub Mucktation

DJ, Producer, Events Organizer

My name is Mucktation, would love to play for you, love to have a show on the radio.
My real name is Brady. I put on my own events in Northants since 2013.
Im going to travel in 2017 across the country to tour on DnB events. I produce Dubstep, Drum & Bass and other stuff like House or Tech.
Ive been DJing since I was 13 and I also write songs. Im 30 years old and currently Im an event organizer and Im trying to get my music up there with the rest.

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I have done events since I was 13 and produce my own tracks sicne then. I work for High Rollers N Fat Turtle Sound System and have been signed to 2 DJ Agencys at the moment, as artist management with Kenny Palmer and Craig Fergson.
For bookings call 07564 77 96 12

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